Wrong about right-click > refresh on Windows desktop

Wrong about right-click > refresh on Windows desktop

Have you ever wondered about the actual function of the desktop refresh option and what it does to your computer?

Sure you must have been told by your computer instructor to always right-click and hit the refresh option multiple times on Windows desktop right after you start up your computer. And now it has become an habit or an obsession you indulge in. Well, what good does that do?

There are quite a number of misconceptions concerning the desktop refresh option. To some, clicking refresh makes Windows run faster, clears and refreshes the RAM etc. Truth is, clicking refresh has nothing to do with all these.

So, what is the big deal about Windows refresh option?

Windows is programmed to auto-refresh and display changes you make to files and folders on your desktop. However, sometimes the auto-refresh option fails to display the changes to your screen, so you would have to manually do it yourself by clicking the refresh button in the context menu.

And that is all there is to Windows refresh.

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