Ways you could be damaging your Phone’s battery

Ways you could be damaging your Phone’s battery

If you’ve had a phone for quite a while, you’ll probably notice that the battery isn’t as strong as it used to be. Unfortunately, it is true that batteries tend to wear out over time, but you should also know that your usage pattern and charging habits contribute immensely to the lifespan of your phone’s battery.

So, here are the most common bad habits that could be destroying your phone’s battery…

  • Letting your battery hit 0% before charging

Debunk any information you may have heard about waiting for your battery to get to a really low level before charging it. People believe that doing this increases the life span of your battery. But on the contrary, letting your battery get to a critically low-level stresses and degrades its performance and capacity.

  • Constantly charging

Although it’s bad to wait till your battery gets to 0% before charging, however constantly changing also stresses out the battery and affects it negatively.

  • Charging your phone overnight

This is a habit most people indulge in. The consequence of charging overnight is that it affects your battery’s longevity and heats up your phone.

  • Charging with your phone case on

While charging, it is natural for the battery to emit heat (i.e. get warm). So, when the phone case is on, heat is trapped and unable to dissipate. This can affect your battery in the long run.

  • Using your phone while charging

Some of us can’t do a minute without our phones. It’s become part of us. But you should learn to give your phone some space while charging. Constantly pressing while charging increases the temperature of the phone, thereby shortening its battery life.

  • Using third party battery apps

These apps claim to improve and increase your battery’s performance but what they really do is slow down your device and other apps from properly functioning.

Now that you know all these, you should put a STOP to your bad charging/phone habits so you can get the full functionality and capacity your battery has to offer.

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