WatchOs 7: What’s Next for Your Apple Watch?

Apple announced watchOS 7, the new software for Apple watches at its annual developers conference. The new software is expected to arrive with the Apple Watch 6 much later this year. Despite this, Apple revealed the set of new and remarkable updates and features that will completely upgrade the Apple watch experience.

The updates range from a new sleep tracking and fitness features, more health monitoring options, covid19 safety precaution features, watch face configuration, personalization and privacy features, and many more. The Apple Watch 6 will supposedly be coming with all these features included in its design and build.

Let’s take a look at a few of these incredible features that will sure leave you drooling with excitement.


In line with adhering to the covid19 prevention and safety measures, WatchOs brings automatic handwashing detection which uses the motion sensors, microphone, and on-device machine learning to automatically detect handwashing motions and sounds, and then initiate a 20 seconds timer to ensure your hands are thoroughly washed. If you finish before the timer, you’ll get a prompt to keep washing, as the health app tracks the frequency and duration of your handwashing. The Apple watch can also remind you to wash your hands when you get home.

Workout types and fitness app

The Activity app for iPhone is now called Fitness, and the upgrade introduces four new workout modes – Core Training, Dance, Functional Strength Training, and Cool down. These workout modes are supported by powerful heart rate and custom-built motion algorithms. The new activity app is now redesigned with a streamlined view of data, including your daily activity, workouts, awards, and activity trends in one tab, with activity sharing and competitions on another tab. The app also has the ability to measure different body-to-arm motion with the use of different  sensors.

Watch Faces and Face Sharing

WatchOS 7 update brings users the ability to personalize and customize the face of their Apple watch  with a unique combination of configured faces to suit any activity or lifestyle. Users can also easily share their personalized watch faces via a new feature called Face Sharing. The watchOS 7 also offers developers the ability to enable multiple complications on a single watch face.

Sleep Tracking

Apple watch with WatchOS 7 update now has a sleep tracking feature that helps you track and improve your sleep pattern with charts and whatnot. The feature also includes a Wind Down mode that let’s you create customized pre-bedtime routine to meet your sleep goals. In sleep mode, the Apple watch screen darkens overnight and the do not disturb is automatically activated. And to help you wake up, you can choose to use the silent haptic alarm or gentle sounds. What more, if your battery is low an hour to your bed time, your Apple watch will remind you to charge it before you sleep.

View additional watchOS 7 update features via this source

According to Apple’s announcement, it’s been confirmed which Apple watches will be receiving the new software update. WatchOS 7 will be coming on Apple Watch 5, Apple Watch 4, and Apple Watch 3 and the soon to come Watch 6, exclusively. So get ready. 

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