Simple fixes to common problems on your phone

Simple fixes to common problems on your phone

Smartphones are incredible but not perfect. They get stressed over time, begin to lag and develop issues. If you’ve had one for quite a while, then you’ve probably had your share of one or two of these frustrating issues.

The annoying thing is that when you take your phone to a repairer, you get ridiculously charged for minor issues. Anyway, not to worry, we’ll tell you how to fix your issues yourself without wasting money.

• Your Phone responds in slow-mo
He he. This happens when your RAM is full or when most of your apps are running even when not in use.

How do you fix this? Free up storage on your device and clear the cache data. Close or uninstall unimportant apps and adjust your setting to keep those apps from running in the background all the time. If none of these works, consider backing up your files and data on Google Drive, Dropbox or just on your computer and then restore your phone to factory settings.

Your battery does not last
If your phone takes longer to charge up to 100% or your battery drains quickly, first, make sure you are using the right charger for your device, then disable apps from running in the background, disable notification on apps you seldom use also, and reduce the brightness level of your phone. You can turn off location services once in a while and switch to battery saver or power saver mode. You can also set your screen lock to 1 minute, that way your phone will lock itself when not in use.

Phone overheats
Usually phones get warm when overused or while charging, but if you noticed that your phone gets really hot so much that you can’t hold it for a couple of seconds, then that’s a bad sign and your battery and screen could get damaged if care isn’t taken

So in order to prevent this, we advise that you keep your phone away from direct sunlight, close and uninstall unused apps, and try not to use your phone while charging it. However, if you do any of these and your phone still gets hot, you should consider taking it to a phone expert.

Cracked screen
The best solution is to get an engineer to replace the cracked screen. You can prevent damages to your screen by using a screen protector and a back case.

Wet phone
Accidents happen, like your phone getting submerged in water. When this happens, normally you would fret. The best thing to do in this situation is to switch off your phone and put it in a bag or bowl of rice. This will help to absorb the moisture. If your phone doesn’t respond normally after this, then take it to a repairer.

Your phone or screen keeps freezing

This happens a lot to smartphone users, and it can be really frustrating. It’s usually caused by low storage space, excessive app in use, and sometimes malware infection. You can simply fix this by restarting your phone, freeing up storage, and cleaning the cache data.

• Apps crashing
If this happens constantly with your favourite apps, the best thing is to check if there are new updates that you haven’t installed, if you find any, install away. But if the problem persists, try restarting your phone or head to app manager, launch the problematic app and clear the cache data.

• Bad charging port
Charging ports tend to deteriorate over time. But before taking your phone to a repairer, try cleaning the port gently with a soft and dry toothbrush or cotton swab. This is because the port might be filled with dirt or dust and is stopping your phone from charging properly. However, if you have tried cleaning the port and still see no changes, please take your phone to a repairer.

Apps Not Downloading
This problem is usually due to a corrupt cache and all you need to do is clear it. Go to google play store and clear the app’s cache and search history.

Voila! Now if you’re currently experiencing any of the above issues, try the fixes and let us know how it goes.

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