Realme Watch Software Update Brings Improved Notification Management and Battery Optimization

Realme Watch Software Update Brings Improved Notification Management and Battery Optimization

The Realme watch was launched last month, and it is now receiving its second update which boasts new features, better improvements to the message notification management, as well as the battery, and bug fixes.The firmware update sports version 81.0.

With the update, the realme watch is now capable of displaying up to 10 notifications in the form of a drop-down list on the screen. Prior to this, the smartwatch could only display one notification which means older alerts got replaced by new ones. But now, users will be able to browse through their notifications easily, without losing touch of important alerts.

Another upgraded feature is the do not disturb mode. Now, users are allowed to enable or disable the do not disturb mode automatically at the preferred time. Other improvements include battery life optimization, enhanced interface, ability to easily navigate and quickly turn off the screen, improved heart rate reminder and blood oxygen level, major bug fixes and many more. The firmware also brings support for new UI languages – French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Check out the full changelog of the update below:

  • Multilingual UI: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian language options added to boot menu.
  • Full Character Library: Currently supported languages can use text formats to send message notifications, music messages, and weather regions.
  • Multi-Message Alerts (10 items): The main dial drop-down is a multi-message management interface that displays the last 10 messages (excluding missed calls).
  • Heart rate high/low reminder: Only two consecutive points (10 minutes) exceed the threshold value. It will only remind high or low heart rate if two consecutive readings are higher or lower than the threshold to reduce error.
  • Blood Oxygen level will have history progress data.
  • Added the function of automatically opening the control interface when the music is playing: First time when you open a music or media app, the watch will automatically show the music control interface.
  • Holding the power button for three seconds shows power off and restart options on the screen.
  • Charging interface will show time along with charging percentage.
  • DND Mode: Ability to schedule duration added on the watch.
  • Brightness adjustment supports full-screen sliding (brightness change page in settings of the watch supports scroll in the empty area also).

Users can download the new software update for the Realme Watch through the Realme Link app. You will see an update prompt on the Realme Link app once you launch it. But if you don’t, you can check for the update manually by going to the Device upgrade menu from the Realme Watch’s settings. 

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