Anker USB C to Micro USB Adaptor (2in1)


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Anker USB C to Micro USB Adaptor 2in1

Anker USB C to Micro USB Adaptor 2in1

2 x USB-C to Micro USB Adapter

Anker USB C to Micro USB Adaptor 2in1 is a minimalist solution for using Micro-USB cables with your USB-C devices.

Ensure that all your accessories synergize, and get full functionality from your flagship smartphone, tablet, or notebook.

  • USB 2.0 compatibility for high-speed data transfer
  • Quick and simple, foolproof plug-and-play design
  • Makes any USB-C device compatible with Micro USB connections

Anker USB C to Micro USB Adaptor 2in1

Anker USB C to Micro USB Adaptor 2in1

Reversible Connector

USB-C solves the biggest problem with USB connectors: their inexplicable inability to be inserted, regardless of orientation. USB-C plugs in the first time, every time.

Long-Lasting Durability

Uses premium materials and precision engineering to bear over 10,000 insertions. That’s up to 3x more than other adapters.

Sync & Charge

Retains complete USB functionality. Supports transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps and fast-charging technologies including Qualcomm Quick Charge.

The Perfect Match

Slots perfectly into your tech ecosystem. The slimline looks and casing are designed to fit seamlessly with the latest flagship devices.

Offers full-speed Micro USB charging speed, including Qualcomm Quick Charge and other high-speed charging protocols. 480 Mbps transfer speed is around 20 songs per second.

Supremely Simple
Just plug the adapter’s USB-C plug into your device and a cable into the adapter’s Micro USB port. No other hardware or software is required.

Multi-Device Compatibility
Works seamlessly with USB-C phones and tablets as well as laptops and other devices. Includes two adapters for ultimate convenience.


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