Anker Soundcore Model Zero Z5180012


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  • Aural Beauty: Crafted from premium materials, Model Zero is a seamless loop of pitch-black that tempts both the eyes and hands. But this carefully designed form offers more than aesthetics; its radial shape offers the perfect structure for a quad-driver array that generates breathtaking, room-filling sound.
  • Hi-Res Audio Certified: A symbol of exceptional audio quality, awarded only to speakers capable of playing the highest-fidelity, better-than-CD-quality sound.
  • Transducers Designed by SCANSPEAK: Scan-Speak driver designs are the undisputed gold standard for music reproduction, with incredible clarity and astonishing power; used here in The Model Series of wireless speakers for the first time.
  • BassUp™ Technology: An exclusive EQ technology and driver configuration inject low-end power for stunning intensity.
  • Sound That Moves: Effortlessly take the performance to any room of the house or even outside with IPX5 water resistance and 10-hour playtime.


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