Anker Soundcore 16W Motion Q Portable 360° Bluetooth Speaker


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Soundcore Motion Q

Motion Q


Hear it. Feel it.

At Soundcore, we break the illusion that the best sound is out of reach, stuck behind enormous price tags or decades of brand heritage.

Incredible sound is at your fingertips and it’s ready to move you.

Soundcore Motion Q

Designed to travel with you on life’s adventures, Motion Q packs huge 360° sound with spine-tingling bass into a lightweight, waterproof casing.


  • 360° Sound
  • BassUp Technology
  • Waterproof
  • True Wireless Pairing
  • 10-Hour Playtime
  • Ultra-Portable

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Bigger Beats

IPX7 Rated Protection

On-the-Go Music

Bigger Beats

Dual 8W full-range drivers and two passive radiators produce full-bodied 360° sound.

Rated Protection

Motion Q’s internal components are protected against liquids by the fully waterproof casing.

On-the-Go Music

The portable design lets you take your music anywhere.

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Superior Connectivity

Use Bluetooth 4.2 to connect to Echo Dot and harness Alexa’s knowledge.

Access AI

Access Siri and other Smart Assistants via the built-in microphone.

Cool Vibes

A seamless, two-tone fabric finish complements Motion Q’s sleek matte accents.


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