Anker Chargers

Anker Chargers is focused on exploring high-efficiency and eco-friendly ways to stay charged, from high-powered wall chargers to multi-port chargers with GaNPrime technology. Anker chargers are your best solution for efficient and eco-friendly charging.

There are 3 types of cable connectors that are used for charging phones.

USB-C Charging Cables: This is the most commonly used charging cable, designed to work with all the latest Android phones, and a wide range of tablets, laptops, and more.

Lightning Charging Cables: The Lightning connector is used exclusively with Apple devices, though not all of them. Currently, the iPhone still uses a Lightning connector, while the latest iPad models are now using USB-C. A Lightning cable is also required to charge AirPods.

Micro USB Charging Cables: The Micro USB cable is now virtually obsolete. In the past, it was the main charging method for phones, small items like toys, and early wireless headphones.

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