Oppo Teases a 125W Fast Charging Tech – Coming in Two Days

Oppo Teases a 125W Fast Charging Tech – Coming in Two Days

Imagine having your phone charged from 0 – 100% within 15 minutes or less. Seems impossible doesn’t it? Well, probably not. Oppo has been working on a tech that breaks the norm and surpasses the regular level of fast charging support we’re currently used to. This is not the first time Oppo would be leaving the world in awe as regards its fast charging tech capabilities, as it has been introducing fast charging technologies for years – tech high enough and durable enough to function without causing harm to your device.

At the moment phones come with fast charging tech with ratings ranging from 15W, 25W, 30W, 45W and so on, and with Oppo’s 65W which is currently the highest in the tech industry. But as we have it, Oppo via twitter teased the announcement of the next level of its fast charging tech, rating at 125W – and it is to debut on the 15th of July to be precise.Tips point to the fact that the technology can charge a smartphone with a 4,000mAh battery in roughly 10 minutes.

However, this high-speed technology could result in reduced battery lifespan. Last year, Oppo unveiled OPPO Reno Ace with the 65W fast charging support feature, but as of now, it is unclear if Oppo will be announcing its 125W tech alongside a smartphone.

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