Meet the New Emojis Coming to your iPhone and iPad

Meet the New Emojis Coming to your iPhone and iPad

Given that today July 17th is World emoji day, Apple decided to mark this occasion by showcasing the new emojis coming in the iOS 14 update to iPhones, iPads and Macs users later this year.

As detailed by Emojipedia, the new emojis coming include symbols for the Dodo bird, Nesting Dolls, Piñata, Tamale, “Italian Hand” gesture Pinched Fingers, Boomerang, Ninja, Bubble Tea, and a Coin that reads “The Crazy Ones” with a 2020 denomination and a Bald eagle in the middle.

There is also the Beaver emoji, emoji for lungs, a transgender symbol and one for Anatomical Heart. In addition, Apple is bringing a number of new Memoji options for various headwear and colored face masks, which can be used as stickers in iOS messaging apps.

Additional Emojis that were not previewed today but are expected to come to iOS later this year include a Smiling Face with Tear emoji, Disguised Face, and People Hugging.

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