Lenovo announces world’s first foldable laptop – coming in 2020

Lenovo announces world’s first foldable laptop – coming in 2020

It’s definitely the Era of foldable devices, wouldn’t you say? Well, this is because Lenovo has just unveiled the world’s first laptop with foldable screen under its ThinkPad X1 series and it will be launched in the market by 2020. Although, Samsung was probably the first to set off the trend with the Galaxy Fold which was pulled from the market due to it’s defects.

The foldable Lenovo laptop however, has a 13.3-inch display (made of an OLED screen with a resolution of 2K made in collaboration with LG Display) and an aspect ratio of 4:3 when unfolded. When folded, it works like a laptop with 9.6-inch display.

The device can be used with a Bluetooth Keyboard and there is also a Wacom stylus which can be used to take up notes or to doodle on the screen or interact with it. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 foldable PC will come with batteries on both halves of the screen and there’s a hinge in the middle to support the screen at any angle, all the way to up to 180 degrees.

The full specifications and price of the laptop is currently unknown as the company is still working on finalizing the design and specifications.

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