How to fix ‘app has stopped’ error on your phone

How to fix ‘app has stopped’ error on your phone

Unfortunately, app has stopped!
Unfortunately, app has stopped!

This is one issue that smartphone users have faced at one point in their life. It happens this way – you launch an app, try to operate it, and next you’re hit with the pop up, then you’re bounced off the app and taken to your home screen. Not nice right?

Well it happens a lot, and is often caused by unstable network, corrupt cache files and lots of other reasons.

But not to worry, there are ways you can fix this, we’ll tell you how.

  1. Go to settings > apps > select the app that shows this error > click on storage > then clear cache. If the error continues, you can go back (same process) and clear data – this is like a reset, so you’ll lose all data on that particular app, but hey, nothing goes for nothing right? Your app will bounce back to life afterwards.
  2. Force stop or reset app preferences. Open your settings > then apps > select troubling app/s > click on Force shut. To reset, tap on the 3 dots at the top when you open apps in the settings. You’d get a pop up for confirmation on the reset. Force shut and reset will simply disable your apps, and will not delete any data. You can then restart your phone and proceed to launch your app(s).
  3. If any of the options above doesn’t work, you can uninstall and reinstall the troubling app. Or perhaps, if you have just updated the app, try uninstalling the updates – some apps malfunction when new updates are installed.
  4. The final fix is to perform a factory reset or format your device. Make sure you backup your data and files before doing this. Also, these final options should be your last resort if all other solutions listed above fails.

Hope this helps. Don’t forget to leave your comments.

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