Gallery Go – A simplified version for Google photos

Gallery Go – A simplified version for Google photos

Yesterday, Google launched a new Go App – Gallery Go – a lightweight and offline version of Google photos for people who use or can only afford low budget smartphones that run on less powerful hardware, low RAM and limited internet connection; Google revealed that Gallery Go is a light and fast gallery app designed to work offline and uses machine learning to automatically organize photos on your Android Go phone.

Much like Google Photos, Gallery Go comes with features that lets you find, edit, manage and organize photos, without connecting to the internet. Images on the app are also synced and displayed in chronological order; and the interface has separate category tabs for screenshots, documents and videos as well as content-based groupings.

The App is only 10mb in size and supports SD cards so you can manage and share photos without slowing down your phone. Gallery Go is available today on Google Play for Android devices running version 8.1 (Oreo) or higher and will come pre-installed as the gallery app on two local Android Go phones Itel S15 and Itel A55 and also in future Android Go edition phones.

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