Android Q to be called Android 10: no more dessert themed names

Android Q to be called Android 10: no more dessert themed names

Google has decided to abandon its dessert naming of its operating system. The next version will simply be called Android 10, nothing more. We all know the previous Android OS were called Gingerbread, Honey, Cupcake, Oreo, Pie etc. and some of us have been wondering what dessert name would be given the next Android OS.

Well, it seems from now, there would be no more sugary names. Google stated that the reason is because they realized that some people were unfamiliar with and couldn’t comprehend the naming convention, hence they decided to give a more relatable and universal name starting from Android Q. Although if you think of it, no dessert actually begins with the alphabet Q, so it seems Google ran out of dessert names for its OS.

And that’s not all, Google has redesigned the Android logo as well as the robot mascot. In the logo, Android is now written in black. Google says it is for accessibility reasons, as the green colour was hard to read, especially by the visually impaired. The mascot now has a lighter green colour and has been decapitated, so we have just the head. Users will start to see these changes with the new Android 10 Q operating system.

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