7 things you probably didn’t know you could do with Google search

7 things you probably didn’t know you could do with Google search

Google is the most popular and widely used search engine, basically used for research. But Google is not just for research purposes, it offers way much more, and most people don’t know this. However, if you read on, you’ll find some amazing things you get to do with Google search.

  • Search by voice

Google search has a voice assistant tool that can search by voice. If you get tired of typing, just click on the microphone icon and say what you want to search for. The microphone is located on the right-hand side of the search box.

  • Set timer

You can use Google as a timer. Simply type “Set timer for 20 minutes” (set timer to your requirement) in the search bar. Google counts down automatically and notifies you when the time is up.

  • Check weather forecast

You can get the weather forecast of any state or city by typing “Lagos forecast” in the search bar.

  • Look up information on movies

Simply type in the title of the movie and you will receive information on theater locations, showtime, reviews and more. You can also check when episodes of your favorite show are on by typing the title of the show followed by episodes.

  • Get updated news (local and international)

Type Google news in the search box and click on the first result that comes up, this will take you directly to Google’s news page where you’ll get to read lots of news based on health, tech, entertainment, etc. You can also save stories, searches and more.

  • Search for songs

So, you hear a song you like, but you do not know the title of the song and the musician. Try searching for the song by typing a phrase from the song on Google search box. The results will display the lyrics and every other information about the song.

  • Track flight status

Perhaps you are planning a trip and don’t want any shocking news when you head to the airport. You can easily track the status of your flight; all you need to do is type your airline and flight number in the search box and Google will show you relevant information and updates about the flight.

These are just a few of the many amazing features of Google search…. You can look up more on the platform.

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