Your Sim Needs More Security Than You think…

Your Sim Needs More Security Than You think…

Most people have loads of private files and information for quick access and whatnot on their phones, this is why they put up a password lock to prevent a third party from gaining access to our phones. But did you know that even with the best protection on your phone, if it gets stolen or lost, your sim card could be at a huge risk from hackers, robbers and Sim Swap fraudsters who hack into people’s bank account to steal money?

Let’s not forget your sim card holds key information such as; your phone number, security data, billing information, and other bits of data; which is why you should take several measures to protect your Sim Card and in turn protect yourself – To do this, we recommend the following

  1. Have a separate or secondary phone – perhaps a Nokia 105, 106 or 3310 (or other brands like itel etc.) for the sim card and email connected to your bank account, and either keep the phone permanently at home or try not to take it out all the time. This is so robbers won’t have access to your bank account if your main phone ever gets stolen.
  2. If you do not have a separate phone as stated above, ensure that you set up a password to lock and protect your sim card. Follow this process to lock your sim. You should however note that before locking your sim, you should have your sim PUK and also use a password you are sure to never forget.
  3. You could also choose to have a separate sim for your bank account. The separate sim would be different from your regular sim and should perhaps not be taken out all the time.
  4. Ensure you don’t snap or have pictures of credentials, vital documents and information on your phone. There’s no limit to what fraudsters and the likes can do once they gain access to stuff like that.


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